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Day 0 – Springer Mountain on the AT

As the clock struck 6 am, I found myself in Atlanta, ready to kick off my long-anticipated Appalachian Trail adventure. After securing my backpack, I hopped on public transportation, bound for the northern destination where my first trail angel awaited to usher me to the trailhead, the starting point at Springer Mountain.

While awaiting my ride, I used the time wisely to gather the last few essentials, ensuring I was fully equipped for the trail ahead, including water and stove alcohol. Eager to soak in the last bit of civilization, I stumbled upon J Christopher’s, a delightful spot for coffee. The warmth of the place matched the friendliness of its people, making me feel right at home. It was here that I managed to charge up all my electronics, adding a final touch to my preparations.

Enter Rick, my trail angel, whom I'd met in Denver over New Years. His offer to accompany me to the Appalachian Trail, which happened to be not far from his home, sparked an immediate connection. As we embarked on the hour-long journey from a North Atlanta suburb to Amicalola State Park, we shared stories and snapped a few pictures, solidifying the camaraderie.

Arriving at Amicalola State Park, I faced the daunting ascent of the 600-step staircase to Amicalola Falls, a challenging but exhilarating start to my trek. From there, I forged ahead, covering the next 8.5 miles that would lead me to the pinnacle of Springer Mountain.

The trail buzzed with activity, fellow hikers contributing to the vibrant atmosphere on that beautiful, cloudless day. Setting up camp right at the outset of the Appalachian Trail, I opted for a shelter, choosing to forego my tent and sleep beneath the open sky. As the clock neared 5 pm, the evening chill set in, hinting at a potentially cold night.

Tomorrow holds the promise of the true Day 1, and with a mix of excitement and anticipation, I prepare to embrace the challenges and wonders that the Appalachian Trail has in store for me. Follow along as I embark on this incredible journey, one step at a time.

Beginning the Calendar Year Triple Crown at Springer Mountain
Beginning the Calendar Year Triple Crown at Springer Mountain

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