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Day 14 – town syndrome

Once again I could not realize the full potential of a bed in the Laughing Heart Hostel. So after laying there all morning I finally made the move to get up and begin getting my town chores done at 6. No one else was up and I had free reign of the computer for a couple hours. I showered again and did laundry then said my goodbyes and was off and into town in order to pick up my mail drop, shop and get a hearty meal. The problem with town days is I always end up with a really heavy pack walking out of the town, I always overeat with the town food and it is usually an uphill climb immediately after the town. Today all of these things happen. Thankfully it was a beautiful 60 degree day and the 11 miles I did to get out of the town flew by. It was nice to see that the sun does still exist and it is possible to hike without gloves. All complaining aside, my pack is heavier than normal so the bright side is I will get to eat better than normal with extra snacks and meals. The weather should hold for another day and be nice to walk in before the bitter cold comes back. I am camped in a shelter with Tin Man, Icebreaker and a section hiker. For those that do not know, thru hikers get trail names along the way and often have an entertaining and comical story attached to their trail name. My trail name is Legend and related to hitchhiking to get a group of hikers steak and pizza. I will post the full story another time. It’s a tiny shelter tonight and with a low of in the 20s it should be cozy with 4 people and a dog. I can already hear the mice running around. Where is Sylvester the cat when you really need him.

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