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Day 15 – Hips don’t lie

As it always is nearly everywhere in the US, it was a cold morning. I moved quickly and had everything packed and was moving. Just like back in the “real” world (although this world may be more real) I could just feel that today was not going to be my day. My legs didn’t have it, and mentally I did not have the same mindset I do most days. Nothing to worry about at all, just knew it wouldn’t be a 50 mile day or something to brag about. The luxury of being only a day out of town is I have lots of food to eat and my pick of what I want! When you are on a trail it’s one of the better things that can happen. As I climbed over 4000 feet elevation the snow returned. I know everyone was concerned that I wouldn’t be at home on a trail without snow so to those people I would say, “do not worry”. I was comfortable back to my usual state of wet feet, clear eyes and a full heart. Unfortunately even though the weather was sunny, it was not all sunshine and rainbows. As I took the high (official route) over Firescald knob I slipped on some snow covered ice and tumbled down a steep section. My trekking poles went flying and my heart skipped at least 2 beats. Luckily having a pack on allowed me the ability to fall back and let my granite gear pack take the brunt of the fall but not before straining a muscle in my hip. I was good to go overall and got in another 8 miles but if anyone has some good hip muscles stretches email me as I am all ears. Especially after lying down to write this I can already feel it tightening up. Fall and small injuries aside, I made it 22 miles to flint gap shelter and had a nice little fire in the dark to raise my spirits. Then out of nowhere I walked in the shelter and saw someone had performed some trail magic. Sitting in the shelter was a nice IPA beer. No matter what could have happened today, this turned it all around! Tomorrow I may start picking up my mileage depending on the snow and how I feel. I am at about mile 306. Feel free to send me an email (contact tab) if there is anything you would like included in these posts and I can do my best. Thanks for following along on this great adventure so far!

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