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Day 27 – West Virgina

The night was cold and the wind howled all night. It seemed my two days of summer weather had come and gone. When I felt sufficiently warm to pull my head out of my sleeping bag I truly saw the damage of overnight. The ground was soaked from the rain, then froze and finally had a dusting of snow on top. Per the usual I was on the trail by first light and as I climbed to the crest of the first mountain the wind came at me in full force. It was so strong I would have to lean into it as I walked across the long exposed areas. This coupled with the sub freezing temperatures made it a chilling morning. I completed the 9 miles to the road crossing and walked the extra mile to a fast food restaurant where I ordered a coffee to stay warm as well as got some charge back in my phone. From here the day began to turn. It wasn’t a nice day, but it wasn’t too bad either. I doubt the temperature ever rose above freezing but the sun did show itself a few times as I skirted the Virginia/West Virginia state line. The views were great as I followed the line down the tallest peaks in the range. I saw multiple deer with their brilliant white tails. In the last couple miles the temperature began to drop and while moving through a patch of thorny bushes I managed to put a hole in my rain pants. Looks like I will be duct taping it closed for the next 7000 miles. 73 miles to my next resupply and I have to make it there before noon on the third day. It could be challenging.

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