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Day 31 – Sunshine

My setup worked perfectly overnight and I stayed dry along with all my gear. In the efficient manner I have come to exhibit, I had my stuff packed up very quickly and enjoyed a snickers and some nuts and dried fruit for breakfast while hiking. My method is to eat breakfast while while walking in order to keep my multitasking ability polished. The day warmed up very quickly and soon it was a day in the mid 60s where the sun owned the sky. It was quite a sight after coming from temperatures that plunged to the negatives barely 2 weeks ago. It is amazing how fast the trail and the landscape change over time. It is especially rewarding to see many different climates, ecosystems and views each day due to the large miles I have been doing. The day was wonderful and I had a couple very interesting conversations with locals who were out enjoying the last of their weekends. After being in a state of such solitude most the time it is wonderful to be able to have quality conversations with many different types of people. As with the rest of the AT today was filled with pointless ups and downs but I’m glad I didn’t miss any of the views. Much of the trail today followed the Blue Ridge Parkway. Which is a winding scenic road perfect for a drive on a nice day like today. So since the trail is within earshot of the road for quite a ways I probably saw and heard more cars today than the past month combined. My body is feeling really good and hopefully I should be able to get some big miles in with the nice weather the next few days before changing out even more of my gear in Waynesboro.

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