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Day 35 – more magic 

I didn’t walk long miles and nothing extraordinary happened, but today was just a great day. Starting off with 4 slices of French toast from a trail angel should be how I begin every day. From here I threw on my pack and walked into the Shenandoah National Park. I walked the first 7 miles with the trail angel, Nana. Then we split ways and what I was doing sunk in. Not that I am hiking 7500 miles over 8-9 months, not that I left a career and friends behind, but that I am getting to do something that I enjoy every single day. I have the chance to accomplish a dream. It was a heavy moment that was appropriately celebrated with a pop tart. I climbed through the national park, i crossed ridges and valleys and at the end of the day I was much less productive than I anticipated. It must have been the all you can eat buffet of last night weighing me down. In the end I camped near a hut in the park with a large group of George Mason students. I was able to trade stories for a second dinner as well as chocolate cake. It was amazing. In the end it was only a 21 mile day, but it feels like I really filled up those 21 miles well. I’m sure tomorrow I will be back into the rhythm of trail life after waking up in the woods.

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