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Day 42 – Pizza

What if I told you that there was a way to eat as much as you’d like and still lose weight. Better yet, what if I told you I was on that diet. All that is required is to walk 30 plus miles per day and beyond that you can eat whatever you want and still become an incredibly skinny person. The last couple days before I make it to my next resupply town are always interesting and very telling. Naturally I always eat the best meals first after I resupply. This means by day 4 of a stretch in the wilderness I am down to the food I either don’t like or haven’t tried before. These left over meals are usually bland beans and chips or instant mashed potatoes. As I dug into my bag today I found something different: dehydrated pizza. It is a meal my mom made and I was not so sure about it. That is until I read on the small piece of paper she wrote the instructions on to eat the meal dry. After seeing that my perspective changed and the meal turned out to be great albeit a little crunchy. Had I added water I was expecting a soggy soupy mess with a hint of pizza. Luckily this wasn’t the case and it turned out being one of my favorite lunches, especially since it didn’t require any preparation. I moved well today over the mostly flat terrain. The few exceptions to the terrain were what my map called “Rocky Mazes.” Turns out these were house sized rocks that the trail would randomly meander through, under, over and around. At mile 39 and about dinner time I hit Boiling springs, PA. I decided to splurge and get dinner in town. Turns out the only reasonable priced place was a pizzeria. I had my second pizza of the day and used self restraint to save a couple pieces for tomorrow. I walked a couple more miles before setting myself up to make it in to Duncannon tomorrow for a full resupply fresh with a few meals that will go quick and a few more that will make a home in the bottom of my food bag.

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