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Day 57 – The gateway to New England 

At one point today we came out onto the road for a .5 mile road walk. We saw a mechanic shop with a soda machine out front and were seconds away from making the attempt at a soda until we saw the no trespassing signs and heard the angry dog. This caused us to craze and talk about the flavors of soda the rest of the day. To fill the void we took a dip in the frigid River and figured that would shock out cravings. It did not but on this humid 80 degree day it sure was nice! The sign at the New York – Connecticut border yesterday said, “Connecticut: the gateway to New England.” As I have walked these fifty miles through this state I have wondered to myself what Connecticut is known for and figured maybe the sign truly did say it all. I continued hiking with speedstick today and we put in a solid 29 miles full of PUDs (pointless ups and downs) and we are staying in a shelter right on the CT/MA border. Tomorrow I will be in yet another state! Today was unique: it felt like spring with the birds and the bees and flowers, we started climbing hire to reach the top of each mountain, and it is also a day that many traditional thru hikers start their hikes. I am over 1500 miles into this trail in 57 days and there are those that are starting at mile 0 and day 0 today. It is quite a thought. The fact that each mountain climbs higher than the previous shows that the small easy knobs and hills have passed and true mountains lay ahead.

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