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Day 59

The sickness of last night turned out not to be a one time thing. Nor did Mother Nature exude any sympathy upon me. When I woke up in my tent my stomach was still a mess, I was devoid of energy and my tent was covered in 6 inches of snow. The act of packing up exhausted my sick body to the level of almost needing a nap. In short the act of trudging through the snow, the continued sickness wearing on me and my exhaustion caused me to best my shortest day on the trip so far. I made it 7 miles before decided an attempt at sleep and recovery would be more beneficial than trying to walk in a zombie like state. The weather is very cold as well so I will bundle up for the night and hope and pray that this sickness subsides and I can get back on schedule. I am near certain this is a stomach bug or flu as compared to a issue with something I ate as it has lasted longer than any other ailment I have had on the trail. I am currently accepting all good thoughts and prayers but am sure I will be back and better than ever very soon.

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