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Day 6 – deeper snow

I woke up with a thin sheet of ice covering my sleeping bag. I would later learn the overnight temperature was around 0. I put on everything I had to stay warm as quickly as possible and got moving. My hands were so cold I had to walk with them in my armpits to thaw then out. I walked through 4-6″ of snow for a few miles then was faced with the decision of what to do about my sleeping bag. I was at a road that led in to town but I did not want to waste another half day in a town. Alas, after looking at the forecast I decided to go into town quickly, throw my bag in a dryer. It worked well and I was in and out if town in a couple hours with a functional bag and a little more charge in my electronics. Back out in the snow, it seemed to get deeper and as the day turned to night it began to snow again. Not to mention my misfortune of losing one of my very helpful traction devices for my feet by losing it in the car I had hitched a ride to the trail in. In a couple days il be in the smokies where I hear they have even more snow. It should be interesting.

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