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Day 60 – the turn

Waking up, I just hoped it would be a more successful day. I had snow to navigate and also undesirable symptoms. The first step was to keep water down and work towards rehydrating. Success! Today would work out. I was up and on the trail in the freezing cold and pushed hard through the morning and into the early afternoon while nibbling on what I could stomach. At this point I made the decision to take the quick trip into Lee, MA. Where I would grab some medicine to help me stomach real food, electrolytes and hopefully the start to my recovery. I made good time on the trip and even picked up more fuel. Then I was back to the trail. It was about an 8 mile trudge through the continually accumulating snow to the October mountain shelter. Thank goodness for audio books as it helped me power through. Tomorrow it’s onward to Dalton, MA.

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