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Day 65 – The Green Mountains 

Waking up in a shelter that was more of a cabin was quite a luxury. It was very rugged but due to the 4 walls and the wood stove it made the ritual of packing less tedious. For the first time in quite a while my water was completely liquid with no floating or solid ice. The days are so cold that my water freezes while hiking within an hour. It’s a constant battle and a constant piercing cold. When it’s been this cold and the ever continuing cycle of snow you really do appreciate the little things! Once ready to face the brutal Vermont weather I pulled the door open and i emerged. The first half of the day flew by. The climb up to the top of the ski resort was very snowy and icy but nothing compared to the sheet of ice on the north side. The short ups and downs characterized the day. After Baxter peak we dropped into the valley only to climb again up to the white cliffs. I nearly always take the short trips off the trail to see the vistas and views because if I am so close it would be a sin not to appreciate the beauty just off the trail. Likewise I took the 1/4 mile trail to the white cliffs and was treated to an incredible sunset. After I saw this I was motivated for the last mile to the cold shelter.

Ending Mile: 1675

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