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Day 73 – Rain in Maine

I’m done…walking into new states. The next 6000 miles of hiking I will do this year will all be in states I have already been to. Maine was my last new state to check off the list and I made it across the border today in the pouring rain. The trail today was something they could play hockey on. For the most part it was covered in ice with the added rain, it was impossible to stay upright the entire time. Even with these added challenges the scenery was beautiful. I think I can honestly say that spring is here for good now. I experienced song birds picking me as worthy of hearing their praises. I wasn’t surprised by their choice. The lakes are no longer covered in a thick sheet of ice I can walk across. The trail now doubles as a river to support the water from the melting snow as well as the rain runoff. It reminds me of hiking through the rain forest. I no longer carry much water at all since it is literally flowing beneath my feet most the day. And not just beneath my feet but also between them. If I change socks every hour I could probably get my laundry done pretty quick. Although I do think the fact I haven’t done laundry in so long has contributed to my increased animal sightings! I no longer smell human. Tomorrow I will be going through the highly touted and intimidating Mahoosuc Notch. Northward!

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