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Day 75 – Cold feet

New Hampshire was the beginning of something new and Maine is where that something new comes into its own. The trail is more rugged as are the three sided shelters. The bridges are gone and require true fords of the rivers and streams and the trail is either ice or mud at every step. Real hiking has begun. The miles are tougher and flat trail is only a fleeting dream. It looks as though I have a couple days of this ruggedness before the hundred mile wilderness. The day started out waking up in the cabin of Jonathan from the outfitter in Bethel. I had so thoroughly destroyed my gear that he offered to put me up for the night and open his outdoor store early and get me back to the trail. He was true to his word along with his wife and him being very gracious. The walking for today is just as described above: rugged. Tomorrow I plan on a big day to offset the time it took me to repair my gear as well as going into town. Unfortunately today ended with the second of two descent water crossings causing my shoes and legs to be wet from the snow melt. As for my food this week, I have been treated well. I had a great package sent out by the Larkins who I grew up with. It has been amazing the support I have received from everyone!

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