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Day 77 – Shaky Ankle

Another day full of post holing and large ups and downs was ahead of me. I am currently wearing “trail runner” shoes which are not waterproof and become soaked through very quickly in the snow. This mean my feet are constantly wet. Since my feet are the most susceptible to issues it is a full time job changing, drying and caring for both my feet and my socks. With all the weather my shoes have begun to show large holes on both sides to show there is no question that they have been through a lot. I had been hoping to get very close to the town of Caratunk Maine today in order to take the quick trip in and resupply before too late in the day. Had I made this a reality I would have had the perfect amount of food but due to exhaustion and an untimely injury I would not hit my target. As I was coming down one of the last mountains of the day in the rain I stepped on a slick rock and fell into my ankle and knee. It was one of the worst ways to land. My knee bent to its full potential just after my ankle gave out when trying to catch the fall. I was very slow the rest of the day and I may be taping up my ankle to finish up this trail.

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