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Day 81- final push

I woke up and was struck by the feeling that just makes you want to stay in bed. I finally pulled myself out of bed and was greeted with my least favorite issue to deal with in the morning, frozen solid shoes. This morning in particular they were so frozen I could not even move the laces. I stuck them in my jacket as a last resort to get them soft enough to put my feet in. In the end I was able to slide my feet in but I could not get them tied. I had to walk 2 miles before my shoes had thawed out enough to be laced up. Once I was properly equipped to walk I made the long slog up white mountain. Most of the walk was snow covered and luckily I got there before the snow had softened too much so I could slide along the icy crust that was created the previous night. At the top of the mountain I could see my final destination Katahdin way out in the distance. I descended even further than I had climbed and spent the rest of the day charging along, through rivers, over ice and under the partly sunny sky.

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