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Day 83 – The approach

I woke up extremely early and pushed very hard through the first part of the day. I wanted to have 20 miles done by 12pm. I was also meeting Rooster. At this point. He is a professional photographer who wanted to capture the last day or two of my adventure. During this quick early 20 miles is snowed on me. Only about an inch but I was sure it was the Appalachian trail just not wanting to let me finish it before a little more adversity. On the bright side, I was able to strategically rock hop most of the river crossing and kept my shoes dry for the majority of the day. When I finally came around the corner to the shelter I would meet Rooster at it was quite a relief. Also there at the shelter was an extremely interesting character named Bear and his dog. He did not seem too set up to hike the trail southbound(as he was doing) but he said the only thing that would stop him was death. I thought the only thing that would stop him is the fact that he was wearing moccasins. After 15 miles of hiking together Rooster and I made it to his car where he provided some improvised trail magic! Chips, cheese, and granola bars along with iced tea. We night hiked a few miles with 2 dark river crossings and should be set up to finish the trail tomorrow.

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