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Day 84 – A thanks 

I wanted to thank these people for helping me through the first of these three legs. I will try not to forget anyone:

Malto: for the excellent box of snacks!

Alice Atha: Contribution and continuos support of this hike

Jeff, Chass, and Jett Sherman: for surprising me with some of my favorite resupply boxes

Larkin family: Sending some great snacks to get me through one of my most challenging sections

Rick Day: for going out of his way to help me begin this epic adventure.

Paul and Bob at the Barn in Gorham: for going above and beyond with their service

Sterling inn: for providing great service and helping me resupply on a Sunday

Aunt Kristen: for the incredible and creative resupply package. The best cookies I had on trail

Aunt Michelle: the most gourmet resupply and snack package I have ever received. Thank goodness for Moose Munch!

Aunt Vic and family: what an amazing apple pie, even when dehydrated

Ben “Rooster” for pushing me through and documenting the last 40 miles

Nana Corley: for giving me a personalized bed and breakfast experience and even hiking into the Shenandoahs with me

Tie at Laughing heart hostel: for opening the hostel in the dead of night after my long grueling day

Jonathon at true north adventure in Bethel: for providing gear when mine failed then opening up his home to let me shower and stay a night out of the snow.

All my sponsors, especially red fox, mountainsmith, granite gear, stabil gear, backpackers pantry, Kate’s real food, big Agnes,carhartt and keen

Karen Garmire: Mom is always there to worry and send some amazing food when she sees you looking skinny!

Grace Garmire: a great batch of cookies on the trail.

Fred Garmire: literally did everything. All I had to do was walk the miles and my logistics, issues and worries were all handled by the best behind the scenes man ever.

It was not a solo endeavor because of all your help and support. Even the emails that say you are inspired, the personal anecdotes I receive, and the continual support all have worked to fuel me through the first third of this journey. Even if I don’t have time to respond I have been able to read everything and can’t thank everyone enough. I will be taking 3 days off to travel from Boston to San Diego, heal my feet a little bit, swap gear, and most importantly try to get a little rest. A post will still come out the each of the next three days but they will be broader and try to answer some of the questions people have had. I am happily let my body repair for a couple days before the PCT leg of the journey begins. Until then: HAPPY TRAILS. I will begin the PCT in 3 short days, time to rest up.

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