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The start of something new

Today I begin my trip out into the great unknown. As I sit in the Portland airport for the first of two flights, I am just hoping that my backpack makes it to Atlanta. The thought of a lost bag along with rushed nature of the packing job that I did means there is plenty of room for forgotten necessities which is never a good sign when walking out into potential snow storms for the next few months. Worry aside, it is a huge relief to be beginning my journey. I have planned for this for what seems like forever. The dehydrator has constantly been running. On top of working full time I have been working on the planning aspect of this hike. It has truly been an exhausting process and I could not be happier that it is all finally coming to fruition. In just the past two weeks I have changed my mind multiple time on different strategies, seen the East Coast (where I am headed) be hit by snow, sleet and pounding rain, and also driven 23 hours straight from Denver to Portland through two snow storms. Getting started on this hike truly has not been the easiest. I cannot echo enough how excited I am to have nothing on my agenda other than walking. I have promised multiple times in the past to post every day but being that this is the beginning of my trip, and I have always been diligent in posting daily, now is when I finally keep that promise. I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I am looking to. Feel free to follow my Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram for added content too!

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