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Calendar Year Triple Crown Gear List


Granite Gear AC Leopoldo 48 on the AT

-Red Fox Racer wire 40 on the PCT

Sleeping Bag

-Red Fox Yeti -20 degree Celsius in southern AT (until mid March)

-REI extremely used and worn out sleeping bag that was originally rated at 20 degrees for the PCT. It has been taped and sewn up with floss and duct tape but still keep me warm down to below 30 degrees.


-Etowah Outfitters zip 10 tarp

I change the shelter depending on the section. In bugs and snow I use a tent otherwise it’s usually a tarp


-Winter gear

-thick long johns

-2 synthetic shirts (one thicker and 1/4 zip)

-1 pair shorts

-1 synthetic jacket (substitute for down)

-rain pants and rain jacket

-thick hat with a face shield

-ski gloves and occasionally mittens

-3 pairs of socks

-giants baseball hat

-3 season gear

-1 light synthetic long sleeve shirt

-1 button up light sun shirt

-1 pair mesh light shorts

-1 synthetic jacket (substitute for down)

-rain pants and rain jacket

-thin beanie

-light glove liners

-2 pairs socks

-1 bandana for sun

-and of course my giants baseball hat


-stabil trekking poles

Sleeping pad


-multiple different trail runners including Columbia


-Sof sole shoe inserts

Water treatment

-Aqua Mira

Med kit




-duct tape


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