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Day 100 – Hiker Heaven

PCT day 13

With 30 miles to go I was not especially diligent in getting up early and getting on the trail. After doing a 50 mile day I was a little sluggish the first few miles when I was moving. But slowly the ole’ body started to get going again and I was soon charging up hills and running down them. My pack is light since I have a resupply later today. At one point as I was moving pretty good a young man came charging by me. There were still 14 miles left to Agua Dulce and I was positive sprinting might not be the best way to cover those miles. Low and behold a couple miles later I passed him at my normal, consistent pace as he was struggling up a hill. The scenery changed from mostly green with trees in the morning to sand and desert in the afternoon and then to the Vasquez rocks. The rocks are otherworldly looking giant rocks near Agua Dulce (see picture). Finally I made it to hiker heaven which is run by one of the most popular and well known trail Angels, Donna Saufley. They literally do your ditty laundry for you here. Since in my 13 days on the PCT I haven’t done laundry I figured it would be good to wash something. Once my chores were done I got to hang out and go to dinner with some other hikers. Tomorrow I move on to the Andersons at Casa De Luna.

Mile 425-454

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