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Day 102 – Another day another detour 

PCT day 15

Unfortunately my time with all these trail Angels must be short lived with my accelerated schedule and I had to say good bye to the Andersons and hello to another fire detour including a long highway road walk. But not before having pancakes and coffee in the morning. Then the long arduous walk began. Luckily clouds dotted the sky and I was able to get some shade and relief from the direct sunlight more often than not. After the long highway walk I was able to climb back to the trail after the closed section and continue on my way. It looks as though this might be the last of the major detours. Along with the clouds came a surprise rain. Out of nowhere here in the desert one of the clouds let out a few drops which was welcome in the heat. As the day turned to night I decided to camp at the last spot before 7 miles of private road and met a great group of hikers from multiple countries and states. It’s times like this that make hiking so quickly a bit difficult as I miss out on hanging out with the same people. But it was nice to have dinner with them. Tomorrow I will grab water from a nearby hostel before walking along the California aqueduct.

Mile 478-510

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