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Day 103 – The Mojave Desert

PCT DAY 16 I think naturally most of us see many more sunsets than sunrises, and I am the exact same way. But on this particular morning I was up at the crack of dawn in order to make it through the heart of the desert before the heat of the day. Because of this I was greeted by an incredible sunrise full of color(even to someone colorblind such as myself). After 7 miles I came to hikertown which is “hostel” in the desert and also the last water for nearly 20 miles of desert walking. Hikertown is set up like a mock western town and is very weird. I entered the premises just far enough to top off my water and then walked off into one of the hottest and most exposed places I will hike this year. The trail followed two different aqueducts most of the way and came to a water facet and a bridge over a dry creek. I made it about 130. Not much before the hottest part of the day. I hung out with many other hikers for a couple hours then pushed on a few more miles before making camp on top of the windiest ridge. It was a near 40 mile day with lots of heat an exposure so I am too tired to move and will probably sleep just fine through the wind. I passed many wind farms today which should have been a sign. Tomorrow I am going in to the town of Tehachapi to resupply

Mile 510- 547

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