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Day 105 – The Desert Finale

PCT day 18

Luckily all my stuff showed up at the Tehachapi post office and I was able to leave town and get back on the trail. I didn’t make the trail until 11 but I made it none the less. I have adopted such a routine that towns are merely part of the weekly schedule and I don’t necessarily even crave town food anymore. It’s not that the food I eat on the trail is amazing, but it sure could be worse. I left town and took on the long climb with no water. It flew by and I met quite a few hikers on it along the way. I even hiked with a couple for extended portions just to chat before I had to move on. I got the spring after 17 miles and filled up for another stretch just about as long. This is when I realized I am missing some maps that I left in town. Let the adventure begin. The maps I have pick up in about 60 miles, so until then I am essentially blind. While making dinner tonight I had a very unfortunate catastrophe. After boiling water and mixing it with my meal I shook up the meal to aid in rehydrating and the whole meal exploded. I will be fine with food the next three days but the biggest victim was my sleeping bag in which half of it is soaked through. It’s the desert, it should dry out, but it’s not even supposed to get to 70 degrees the next few days. I’m sure il come up with an elaborate way of drying it. The countdown to the end of the desert begins with just over 100 miles left.

Miles 566-593

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