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Day 107 – Walker Pass

PCT day 20 When you think of the desert you immediately think scalding heat. This is true but in the evenings and at night the temperature plummets sometimes even below the freezing point. Per this pattern, I was treated by this excessive coolness when I woke up at some time that begins with a 5. I immediately made the executive decision that it was a morning worth of a cup of coffee. It was my best decision of the day. Once I was packed and hiking I could hold my warm cup and watch my fingers thaw. Eventually the desert heated right back up and I was shedding layers, but that coffee made the morning hours much more enjoyable. And enjoyable is what I am looking for in this adventure! After 20 miles including trails through sparse forest, dirt bike trails (where I was constantly dodging bikers) I descended to walker pass. This is a site where many go to a variety of towns to take a few days off before entering the 14,000 foot peaks of the sierras. But me and my accelerated schedule continued on. The 50 miles between walker pass and Kennedy Meadow (entrance to the sierras) are what I think of as transition landscape. Sometimes there are pine trees and a light resemblance to forests and sometimes there are cacti. In my last full day in the desert I saw multiple snakes and even put s good video up on both Facebook and Instagram if you need something to wake you up.

Miles 630-665

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