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Day 108 – Kennedy Meadows

PCT day 21

I woke up with the sun and started my 37 mile day. The day was spent walking around the edge of multiple canyons. It was only slightly depressing to see where the trail would be in a few short miles across the canyon. It almost felt like walking in circles. I took no breaks and survived on nuts and pretzels. Two of my good friends from Denver sent the most recent resupply and ironically included pretzel sticks to eat in the desert. I saved them for my last day in the heat by the way, cotton mouth is a real thing. After 34 miles I hit the kern river and truly felt like I was close to the sierras. It was quite the feeling to know I would be in the high mountains above 13k feet in a very short time. I am ready to be out of the desert and looking down on it. I made it to Kennedy Meadows and will spend tomorrow finalizing the resupply and figuring out how much food to take. The adventure begins tomorrow afternoon. I will likely lose service for the next week while I hike through some of the hardest (and most beautiful) terrain and conditions I have hiked through over the last 2900 miles.

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