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Day 109 – Meadows 

PCT day 22 For the first time in a long time I allowed myself to sleep in. This meant I had absolutely exhausted all attempts to stay in bed by 7. But it was nice to get some extra sleep for a change and not have to be up and walking. I had some coffee at the general store and then went down to the local (3miles away) bar for breakfast and all you can eat pancakes. My world fell apart after packing up my pack for the sierras and realizing just how much weight I would have on my back. There are multiple extra things I need to take through this section either by law or from my personal experience through the rugged mountains. Then around 330 I took my first steps away from Kennedy meadows and into one of the most iconic, remote, and highest altitude places I will hike this year. I managed 14 miles and was greeted with incredible meadows, streams, and natural beauty. It was quite a change from the desert and i haven’t even hit the high sierras yet.

Miles 702-716

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