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Day 112 – two passes

PCT day 25

The Sierra Nevada mountains are one of the most incredible places I have ever been. There are snow capped peaked, grueling passes, and wild animals all over. If I didn’t know better I would think the landscape was untouched. Gone are the rattlesnakes and lizards of the desert in favor of the bear, grouse, deer and marmot. It is like a whole new world and I got to spend another day exploring it. I had my usual cup of coffee to start off my day and keep my hands warm for the first few minutes of walking. I had to hurry and finish my drink since I was soon climbing up Glen pass. It was full of short half snow covered switchbacks the culminated in a great view at the top. One pass down for the day and one to go. Usually the descents off these passes aren’t too steep and allow sliding straight down on the snow to save time but this was not one of those passes. It was a very steep downhill and had me carefully contemplating every step. Once at the bottom I followed the canyon for 10 long miles before beginning to go up again to my second high pass of the day, Pinchot. At the bottom of the canyon I saw two deer right by the trail and as I neared they did not even flinch. I took a picture and then as I got even closer on the trail I took the zoom off my camera. They were unconcerned with me. Pinchot pass was a long gradual walk up a long snow field followed by about 100 critical steps. At the end of the snowfield there is a 100 foot climb on a steep snow bank. There are very loose untrustworthy steps, so I cut my own. As I neared the lip I pushed in one last step, grabbed a protruding rock and pulled myself to the top. It was an incredible view! Tomorrow is Mather pass and who knows what else!Miles 788-812

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