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Day 115 – Finally a resupply

PCT day 28I had a decision to make. It was 64 miles to one resupply possibility (Tuolomne meadows). Where I have a box and can do a proper resupply. And it’s 35 miles plus a side trail to get to Mammoth Lakes. I had a half day of food and am always of the mindset of playing it by ear. So I set off up one of my favorite passes on the trail, Silver Pass. At just under 11k feet it is not one of the tallest or signature passes, but it does have staggering beauty and a panorama view from the top. It was a very straightforward climb up through the pass with only a couple miles of snow walking. I have noticed these mountains taking a toll on me. Once every hour or two I stagger for no reason for a couple of steps. I have attributed it to sleeping above 10k too many nights in a row. On the other side of silver pass I pointed my feet downhill and slid all the way to the bottom. Unfortunately I went too far and spend over an hour looking for a signed trail junction as I was sure I had gone too far. Turns out my instinct was right, even with an invisible trail under the snow. Not a problem because my mind was now made up: I was going to mammoth lakes. After 7 days and over 200 miles through the high Sierra I needed a break anyway. I was able to push through the 900 mile mark for the PCT, take a side trail and walk far enough down the road to get picked up and taken in to town. Now I can make use of the hostel, make use of the Internet, and tell the world I am still alive

Miles 878-904

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