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Day 116 – Camp

PCT day 29 When I am in town I have chores and they feel like chores. The ease of waking up, walking, eating and the simplicity of trail life disappears momentarily. Today I had to buy food, catch up on posts, scan emails, bills, repack ect. So when I finally made it back to the trail I was in heaven. The trail was largely snow free and I had it all to myself. I walked through gorgeous meadows, beneath cascading waterfalls and over roaring creeks. It was a great welcome back to the trail section. I was even greeted by half a dozen deer that gave me a quick glance as I walked by. Then I began the climb to Thousand island lake. It involved a few switchbacks and then walking on the side on a mountain with an amazing view of the snow covered peaks across the deep valley. I already knew I had fallen in love with this view and began looking for the perfect, storybook campsite. I found it, made a small fire and soaked up the beauty from every angle!

Miles 903-919

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