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Day 117 – Yosemite

PCT day 30Even after starting behind most thru-hikers, I have mixed near the front of the pack and have had some unique logistical problems. The biggest of which being the usual post office in Yosemite still being closed. This means I had the pleasure of traveling 2 hours by car or 20 miles by trail down into the valley to grab my 3 resupply packages. Although a bit of a pain, I am taking it as an opportunity. After a quick 20 miles over Donahue pass, I began the walk through the meadows and entered Yosemite National park. From here I got to the Tuolomne Meadows store and worked to get a 2 hour ride. Luckily some hikers I met before (Simba, Princess, and Ollie) had skipped ahead and were able to work me into the vehicle they were getting a ride from. Once in the valley I had to sprint from the car to the post office to get my resupply and mail home a few items. After all was done I got to camp with other hikers and really enjoyed socializing again. In the end the camp spot next to ours had some fire fighters who offered us chicken and beer. It was quite an evening! I decided to take the hassle of going down into the valley as a sign and instead of hitting the trail early tomorrow I will do the 16 mile round trip climb up half dome! It’s something I have never done and I think now is the time. I hike fast, far and long miles on the trail but that doesn’t mean I have to skip and miss out on some of the amazing sights, peaks, and places just off the trail. Long distance hiking isn’t about records or competition as the accomplishment of completing a hike should stand alone as enough!

Miles 919-942

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