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Day 119 – War zone 

PCT day 32As I began walking, latte in hand (mix made by my mom), an incredible sense of euphoria swept over me. I was so happy to be on the PCT and have it back to myself. Within the first mile I passed a welcoming committee of over 30 deer and felt right at home. Soon after I left Yosemite the snow began as did a flooded trail. Most the creeks and rivers should be peaking right about now and that means some very scary creek crossings. The first of these occurred on the climb up to Benson pass at just over 10k feet. After the pass I descended the snow covered slopes down to Piute creek. The creek looked like a cross between an avalanche path and a flooding River. There was water a good 100 yards across with hundreds of logs, branches and blow downs. The creek ranged anywhere from ankle deep to over my head. I was luckily able to carve a path across without going deeper than my waist. But in the process I cut up my hands and legs trying to get around the bushes. Luckily I made it and after the long hard crossing I camped on the other side and was greeted by another challenge:mosquitos. Thousands of them making being outside the tent unbearable.

Miles 942-972

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