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Day 120 – Flooded Streams 

PCT day 33Today was one of the most difficult days I have ever had hiking. The stream crossings were roaring, the snow was everywhere, and my energy was continually being depleted. I managed about 27 miles, but it felt like a 50 mile day in the desert. The day began with a snowy climb over Seavey pass, only to drop into the snowy, icy and downright scary kerrick canyon. For the miles in this canyon I was waking on the side of a steep canyon on top of snow that shot right into the roaring Rancheria creek below. I took my time and advance to the Rancheria creek crossing where I made the decision to cross on a log only 6 inches in diameter. I shimmied across slowly with my hands out for balance and made it eventually. A few more miles of snow before my next big crossing, Falls Creek. It wasn’t extremely swift but the best place I could find to cross was over waist deep. I cinched up my pack and froze the 100 feet of waist deep wading and realized I had underestimated the current. I adjusted my course a little more downstream to right for the current and continued to trudge across the safety. Luckily I made it! Multiple smaller unnamed swollen streams would even reach my knees. I finished the day by passing Dorothy lake and made it over the pass to get down below 9k feet to camp. I am exhausted and amazed how difficult the snow walking was today.

Miles 972-999

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