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Day 124 – Struggle

PCT day – 36Hiking, walking, climbing, sliding and moving down the trail in this terrain is incredibly hard. But I also think that is why I am drawn to even attempting an adventure of this magnitude. Working incredibly hard for a view or to make it over a high pass only increases the exhilaration when it comes to fruition. I have entered the desolation wilderness where the terrain is rugged and the snow is heavy. Every mile is a battle especially when you throw in constant ascents and descents. But with this challenge comes the satisfaction of seeing alpine lakes, peaks, and roaring streams. It is not the John Muir Trail of Yosemite but it is an incredibly popular area that I have nearly to myself. It is very early for overnight backpackers to take their annual trip out and this means my human interaction is rivaling times on the AT. I couldn’t mind less though as I have come to not only embrace the beauty but also to become comfortable with letting my mind roam throughout the day even as navigation is a bit dicey. I say all this because it seems after 3300 miles and 124 days I have become a thru hiker who thinks of little else than how lucky I am to have this opportunity and how I better make the most of it whether it be to inspire or entertain.

Miles: 1090-1114

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