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Day 125 – Wind

PCT day 37Imagine walking down a perfectly manicured trail and then out of nowhere it’s gone. Hidden beneath feet of snow. There are no footprints and few signs as to where the trail goes. You pull out your map and compass and then walk in the general direction it should take you with little reassurance as to if you are in the right track. This is how mushing my day goes: great hiking for a mile and then hesitant steep snow walking for the next mile. It really elevates the element of adventure. Today this took place with views of Lake Tahoe to the East. I would exit heavy snow covered forests to walk on a ridge for a mile only to be pounded by wind so strong it would bend the sleeping pad hanging off my pack. If I would have lost any more weight by this point I would have turned into a kite. The views were incredible but much more difficult to soak in and enjoy due to the piercing wind. Many of these windswept ridges had a top of world feel. The feeling all changed when I dropped off of one ridge and slid down one of the many ski resorts of Tahoe. I essentially slid 100 yards downhill on my feet. I ended the day with a very poor campsite that was pounded by the wind. I didn’t manage much good sleep and was even worried my stove wouldn’t work. But alas it all worked out and I managed the few hours of sleep I needed.

Miles 1114-1144

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