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Day 126 – Nero

PCT day 38 The Thru hiking community has all sorts of words and phrases that seem both foreign and silly to people far removed from the group of nomads that hikes every day. And I have to say that it is tough to blame you. It must be the fact that we only encounter a small segment of society for months on end that we all seemingly go a little crazy. Whether it’s the unique trail names we give each other or the ease at which we talk about the “better left unsaid” parts of our day there is no denying we are a unique bunch. The word of today (Sesame Street style) is Nero. It sounds like zero because that is essentially what it is. It’s a day where you hike “near zero” miles and get to a town early enough to rest and get your chores done. I woke up in the pounding wind and walked 9 miles across wind swept ridges and across giant snowfields only to hit Donner Pass at 9 am. 9am and I was done for the day! What was I thinking. I was thinking how hard the last 450 miles had been and how much I had fallen behind on emails, bills, and just downright relaxing. My hosts: Ric and Val were amazing. Pizza for lunch, steak for dinner, ice cream for desert and there is a rumor of bacon tomorrow. Who wouldn’t stop in to such an accommodating couples home. It was great to share stories, take a shower, and add to my extremely low laundry count for this trail. But all good things must end and tomorrow I head back out to the trail where I dream of a snowless trail!

Miles 1144-1153

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