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Day 127 – Tree Fight

PCT day 39 Bacon, pancakes, eggs and coffee is the right way to start the day. And that is exactly what Ric and Val treated me to! They were amazing hosts and it was hard to leave. But alas I have a lot of miles ahead of me this year. They were going for a hike on this lovely Saturday as well so we were all out the door and at the trailhead by 8am. They even gave me leftovers for lunch. The first few miles was relatively snow free and provided some great views of Donner Lake and the surrounding mountains. Yes this is the notoriously Donner party that was stuck in the snow. The snow free trail was short lived as I soon climbed above 8k feet and the snow fields began again. I would go up one hill, slide down into the valley, cross a creek and repeat. At one of these particular slides down the snow I took on a slope much too steep. I started my usual slide but instead of leveling out this segment only got steeper. I was soon out of control hurtling down the mountain sliding on my feet as if they were skis. Then the uneven snow cups started and I became shaky and as I stared down at my feet to correct a head level branch hit me and I spun around and bounced off a tree and landed in a tree well. It was not pleasant. I had taken the brunt of the force on my left forearm and left thigh. Luckily this was a good decision and other than the story I came out of the ordeal only with a few tough looking cuts and more than likely a soon to be good looking bruise on my left leg. From here I took it a little easier but the snow had all but ended. The treeless ridges were amazing with panorama views and also no snow. Then the trail had some exposed and once again snowless switchbacks down into Jackson Meadow Reservoir where I decided to camp. The snow is finally starting to subside!

Miles 1153-1184

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