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Day 128 – Bears

PCT day 40 In the past two days I have seen two bears. Unfortunately either by my overwhelming smell or because of less than graceful steps around the large animals all I have to show for seeing them are a couple blurry pictures. It is still amazing to see these giant creatures bound downhill to escape my vision before I can capture them. They are extremely afraid of me as most animals are out here. Ironically today I did see some people hiking back from their weekend out with pistols on their hip. It’s not my style but it is a signal I have moved away from the ski resorts and towns of the Sierra and into Northern California. The snow has been decreasing every day which has been a huge relief. The stress of route finding and trying to stay on my feet seems to suck my energy out. Today I started from Jackson Meadow Reservoir and hiked across the highway to Sierra City and soon climbed over 7k feet on an exposed, south facing ridge and it gave me the chance to look back and remember all that has transpired the last 18 days since I left Kennedy Meadows and entered the high Sierra:

-I have seen 5 bears, multiple deer, and marmot

-I have walked the large majority of my miles on snow

-I have had some “sketchy” creek crossings

-I have seen less people than animals

-I have surprised even myself with the miles I was able to hike

-I enjoyed the majority of it more than any other section I have ever hiked

I am just about at the halfway point and should soon be in Oregon!

Miles 1184-1218

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