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Day 130 – Lassen

PCT day 42 Tomorrow I should hit the halfway point! My shirt is torn up, my shorts have holes in them but my giants hat and my body are still holding up! In fact I have gotten sun burned only on the areas of skin that show through the multiple holes in my shirt that better resembles a rag. I am quickly nearing the Calfornia/Oregon border and have officially entered the cascades and have left the Sierra Nevada. I rose with the sun today and worked my way across the Buck Wilderness and up to Buck Summit. It is usually a very hot area but between the cloud cover and the wind I was actually cold most of the day. After Buck Summit I began to see multiple hikers that flipped up and were hiking Southbound in an attempt to miss the majority of the snow. Each person said something different but it seems I am only the 3rd or 4th person they have seen that went straight through! I didn’t have a choice to avoid the snow. On a strict budget and a strict schedule I just have to overcome everything in my path. After 4pm and close to 30 miles I arrived at Belden town. I’m not sure how to describe it other than a highway through a canyon with a local store nearby. Luckily there are great trail Angels: the Braatons who brought my resupply box and even offered to mail some stuff home for me. The culture around thru hiking is just incredible! I ate too much at the small Belden restaurant and then continued on up the hill and am camped just inside Lassen National Forest. I guess the halfway point tomorrow of my second trail means I am essentially halfway done with this adventure!

Miles 1255-1289

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