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Day 131 – Halfway

PCT day 43 I woke up and began walking uphill to the rim of the canyon just outside Belden. It was going to be a cold day as a thick layer of clouds lined the sky. It was so cold in fact at some point it started to snow and I soon had all of my layers on. It didn’t feel like summer. At some point this German kid, John started hiking with me and saying he wanted to make it to the Chester which would be a 39 mile day. I told him that’s where I was going. I reached the halfway point at 430 and to my surprise before I was done with pictures John walked up hobbling a little. From here the 8 miles was all downhill and flew by. I got to the highway and wasn’t sure Johns feet would make it but to his credit he came limping in. He said he would take a day off tomorrow. There was hiker box and a log and luckily a trail Angels number and we were soon picked up and staying with the nicest family in Chester.

Miles 1289-1328

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