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Day 132 – Inclement Weather 

PCT day 44 I entered the trail Angels house from the 5th wheel I stayed in (travel trailer) and was greeted with pancakes and coffee for breakfast. I was able to get a couple things at the store and then a late start back at the trail. The first 10 miles of hiking the serenity and solitude was drown out by the roar of loggers thinning out the forest. This was motivation to move faster and shortly before Drakesbad guest ranch i found an expensive jacket laying on the ground. I made the 20 minute detour to turn it in to the ranch lost and found and began the climb up in the heart of Lassen National park. It was wet and it was cold. It never opened up and poured on me but there was a healthy mix of snow and rain continually coming down for the last few hours of the day. My trip and days in Lassen flew by but I never got a good view of the large, dormant volcano due to the obscuring weather. Tomorrow I will be leaving the park and entering the hat creek rim with a 29 mile dry stretch of trail.


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