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Day 135 – Shasta and a bad ankle

PCT day 47-Shortly after beginning by day I was given a gorgeous view of Mt Shasta that would stick around all day. To top it off there were points I was able to look south with views of Lassen that I was unable to get while in the national park. Although I crossed many dirt roads and parking areas I still saw fewer than half a dozen people. I am way ahead of the pack of thru hikers and there may only be a couple within a few hundred miles. The weather was finally hot. Not too hot like it is projected to be over the next few days but perfect for walking through pine forests with the occasional oak tree native to the state of Jefferson. At some point I rolled my ankle somewhat severely and it feels like the injury that could hamper me for days to come. I have duct tape and Advil to deal with such an injury so I may need to add a good dose of willpower to the mix. I am 36 miles from a freeway so if it is truly a bad injury I can get a ride to a town and rest or do whatever else is needed. I won’t know until I test it tomorrow.

Miles 1426-1464

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