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Day 136- castle crag and a bear

PCT day 48-

My ankle was swollen and I dreaded the first few miles. But I made my moms famous iced vanilla latte on the trail and hobbled on. By the time I got to the Mcloud River I was able to either block out the pain or just hike through it. I crossed the river and once again climbed up above 5k feet with a few more views of Mt Shasta along with meeting half a dozen other hikers all headed south. Our meeting was just a quick conversation before we went our separate ways. Near the end of the day I finally saw I-5 which I knew I would soon cross…after a monotonous 10 miles of downhill. On the way down I had some spectacular views of castle crag (where I’m hiking into). Once I finally crossed it was dusk and I started up the trail and noticed a log in the dark that just didn’t look right. It almost had perfect ears and a teddy bear face. I shined my light on it and a cinnamon colored black bear ran off. Bear number 7!


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