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Day 137 -Exhaustion

PCT day 49-As a result of hiking nearly 40 miles a day my sleep has suffered. As the days have gotten longer my nights of sleep have gotten shorter. I must have finally crossed over the threshold today because my feet hurt, my mind wandered and my motivation was lacking. Despite incredible views of castle crags, Mt Shasta and the trinity wilderness I just did not feel like walking. In these situations there are only two solutions. When there are no roads or towns around you must rely on yourself for both motivation and summoning the strength to move forward. Food and sleep are the best medicine out here in the middle of nowhere. So I prescribed myself a big dose of both. I ate as much as I could while walking the giant exposed 7k food ridges and made the executive decision to set up camp early and call it quits after 27 miles. A solid day but not what they have been recently. I end this while looking out at the massive Mt Shasta and so ready to get some quality sleep. For those wondering: yes I did celebrate “hike naked day”

Miles 1502-1529

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