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Day 142 – Oregon

PCT day 54-Waking up 18 miles from Oregon it was a given that I would be sleeping in a be state tonight. And I am so ready for a change in address. Usually moving is always tough but for me there wasn’t much different in packing up and moving across state lines. Along the way I was saluted by 3 large elk right on the border. It’s only fitting they paid their respects. California did not let me out without a few hairy sections of both snow and downed trees. But once I finally escaped “Cali” the grass felt greener, the hills felt shorter and the air felt cleaner. It was all psychological of course. Today I met as many day hikers as I have seen over the course of this trip. It being a Sunday with beautiful 100 degree weather people were it to take full advantage. Oregon also had some great trail magic going for it. Just a few miles in there were two lawn chairs set up with a cooler of soda (video on Facebook)! It was quite the welcome. As I walked late into the evening looking for a place to sleep I passed a cave created by piled rocks. As I shined my headlamp in it I heard a fierce hiss similar to that of a cat. Against my better judgement I went in for more trying to see the animal. But the hose turned more pointed and fierce so I immediately decided to move on. The creature is a mystery but it was not something I wanted to mess with in the dark.

Miles 1671-1711

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