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Day 143 – Pilot Rock

PCT day 55-Early in the morning I crossed Interstate 5 for the last time and passed by Pilot Rock. It was a nice day and there were a number of people out. Some even preferred to hike naked. There were views of Shasta and McLoughlin with the signs of a very hot day coming on. I only needed to get in 44 miles to set myself up to make it to highway 140 and see my family tomorrow. They were not the easiest 44 miles but with passing views of Hyatt lake, Howard Prairie and the surrounding oak filled terrain I was able to manage. As I approached the boundary to Rogue River National Forest the downed trees began to be an issue. Out felt as though there was a downed log every 50 feet. This will only get worse as I enter the more remote areas of Oregon. On one of the these log crossings I caught my shin and created a nice looking gash on my leg just in time to show my family.

Miles 1711-1755

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