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Day 144 – Family

PCT day 56-I had 15 miles to go to make it to highway 140 (fish lake) where I would finally see some familiar faces. I walked fast through the forest, eating my last poptart and coincidentally my last bit of food on the morning walk. From here I picked up the speed and only slowed to attempt to capture the views of Mt McLoughlin. The ground turned from smooth pine needle covered dirt to fist sized cindercone rocks. It reminded me of all the rocks I encountered in area of Pennsylvania 2 long months ago. As I began to hear the highway I picked up even more speed and was soon there and able to connect with my family. I got the ride back to town, made the obligatory trip to Walmart, and finished up the rest of my chores only to be greeted with a great Barbecue put on by my awesome aunts, uncles, cousins and Grandma. It was great to catch up with everyone, lots of pictures were taken and by the end of the evening I could barely walk I was so exhausted. We had stayed up past my bedtime and I probably had more conversations than I have the last 5 months.

Miles 1755-1770

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