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Day 146 – Mosquitos 

PCT day 58 -I layed in my tent for nearly an hour just observing the hundreds of mosquitos encircling it. I packed up what I could from the inside and even tried to patch the large hole while listening to the high pitch humm of their wings. When I finally had to leave my tent I was in a frenzy while frantically swatting them. I did the best I could but have so many bites. I climbed up and over Devils peak only to slide down the crusty snow on the other side. The day consisted of crossing downed logs, fighting mosquitos and traversing some snow. Then I finally made it to crater lake. I walked along the rim with the biggest reason why being to be in the wind which should reduce the surrounding mosquitos. The lake is a beautiful true blue color with Wizard Island sitting in the middle. It feels like it could be a cold night with some more snow to walk on over the next few days

Miles 1793-1833

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