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Day 147- a change of pace

PCT day 60-I had it all figured out. I was going to hike 30 miles to Shelter cove and then meet up with my Aunt and her friends to enjoy being spoiled for an afternoon. Somehow my Aunt had convinced four friends to venture into the mosquito infested wilderness near Willamette Pass and spend two night. My day got even better when they showed up at the halfway mark with a full lunch for me to eat during my last 15 miles. In being seasoned and toughened by the mosquitos over the last few days I only let them effect me when they look more like clouds than bugs. But this small group that came up to say hi was continually swatting at the nasty bugs. Their attempt at a hike ended as soon as it began. Why deal with the mosquitos if you don’t have to. At one point on the trail I counted 53 downed logs in one mile. These range from small logs than can be stepped over all the way to logs 6 feet in diameter that require jungle gym moves to navigate. When I finally made it to shelter cove, got my box and began to relax in the shade my 5 trail Angels showed up. I was treated to steak, potatoes, and homemade ice cream and they even let me win at the board games.

Miles 1873-1904

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