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Day 147- Thielsen 

PCT day 59-I sit here in the tiny shelter of my tent with a six inch circle of duct tape (to path a hole) obscuring my vision back towards where I have been the past two days. I can see the rim of crater lake, the top of Mt Thielsen as well as the trail high point for Oregon and Washington. I have to lookout from the comfort of my tent because the cloud of mosquitos engulfing it is relentless. I began the day walking on cold, icy snow near crater lake and soon was moving as fast as my feet could carry me to avoid the mosquitos, hurdling downed logs and almost running at times. The trail was clear until I got to the base of Mt Thielsen where it became buried under substantial snow that would last for the better part of 12 miles. It slowed me considerable but the mosquitos were much thinner. I passed the high point of the trail for Oregon and Washington around 7500′ and knew it should be all downhill from here. As I skirted ridges and worked my way north towards the many other large awaiting volcanos I stopped a mile short of another 40 mile day. I was tired, my feet wanted the break, and I was looking forward to an early evening.

Miles 1833-1872

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